Key components of our Health and Safety Program include:

  • Company policies, and rules and responsibilities,
  • Workplace and safety training for all staff,
  • Safe work procedures and safe job practices,
  • Hazard assessment procedures at project start-up and in the field,
  • Field and emergency preparedness planning and practice,
  • Promoting communication as a cornerstone to worker safety and working safely,
  • Company policies to ensure we work in compliance with regulatory requirements and in accordance with industry standards.

The SECOR program represents a national standard for safety management systems. ELR is proud of this achievement.

“It is apparent that a lot of work has been put into the manual, and you have a beautiful finished product that I found very easy to read and navigate. This is one of the best manuals I have seen from a local SECOR company, good job!”

-Andria Juniga, COR Coordinator, Northern Safety Network Yukon

CH2M HILL Canada Ltd. recently awarded ELR a certificate for exemplary safety planning, performance and communication following the completion of a successful and incident-free field program at the Faro Mine Remediation Project site near Faro, Yukon.

“ELR was one of the most trusted contractors on site for 2014. Thank you for your professionalism.”

-Shawn Storrie, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager, CH2M HILL